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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  January 24, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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he claims he was abused by his coach. why his mother says his investigation. state union address. highlights and the republican address ahead. good evening, it's tuesday january 24th. this is bay area news at 7:00. happening right now president obama wrapping up his state of the union address which focused mainly on the state of the american economy. in its speech which began less than an hour ago he argued for a more equitable tax code and for an economy that does not favor only the rich. >> while a growing number of americans barely get by.
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we're restoring an economy where everyone does their fair share and everyone layette by the same set of rules. >> the president called on congress to renew a temporary tax,. the president argued the richest americans should pay more and that more should be done to help the poor achieve economic success. >> i intend to fight obstruction with action. and will oppose any effort to return to the same policies that brought on this economic crisis in the first place. mitch daniels of indiana preparing to deliver the republican response. according to release, expert daniels will say no feature has been sadder that its constant efforts to divide us to curry by -- going on, if we drift over a niagra of debt we will all suffer regardless of income, race, gender or other
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category. well at bay area a woman was in the spotlight during the president's speech. the white house invited jobs, the widow of steve jobs to sit in the gallery. the camera focused we should support everyone who is willing to work, every risk taker and entrepreneur who inspires to become the next steve jobs. go to our web site for complete coverage for tonight's state of the union address. you can find highlights right there. we'll have a complete report for you coming up on the 10:00 news on ktvu. the head of the president state of the union address released a television commercial holding mr. obama responsible for the state of the economy. >> if i don't have this done in three years then there's going to be a one term opposition. >> running in washington, d.c. the battleground states of north carolina, virginia, and michigan. commercial includes short snippets of interview of former president bill clinton talking
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about poverty in america and seems to what appear tennessee to be occupy protest in -- president and former president out of context. he had already been arraigned on domestic abuse charges when an exgirlfriend filed a second complaint. they learned yet another woman is about to step forward. david steven sob tells us a new accusation stems from a relationship several years ago. >> sources this afternoon told ktvu that san francisco may another woman, allegations that may include physical abuse during the course of the relationship. >> he's been very steadfast throughout that he has not physically abused anybody that he's had a relationship with. >> that information comes 2 days after exgirlfriend filed a police report alleging the sheriff bruised her arm. >> did have a relationship with this woman, it ended poorly
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about 3 years ago. he hasn't spoken to her in 3 years and mr. mercury denies any physical abuse during the course of that relationship. >> he pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence. lopez says her husband did not abuse her. >> i think it's incumbent upon the sheriff to make a decision around whether the day-to-day operations can be done. >> to see if he will step aside during his trial. >> the communication he has given to me he will not step away or take a leave of absence. >> reporter: a witness list is set to be filed by tomorrow, 30 days before the trial is set to begin. the sheriff is due back in court to ask a judge to list a protective order to keeps him from seeing his 2-year-old son. ktvu channel 2 news. >> where police say they're still trying to track down the gunman who shot and killed the college student last night.
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22-year-old edwin martinez was in a parked car about 7:00 p.m. when gunman came around the corner. police say he was running after a car and shoots at it as the car sped off. he gave up the chase they say, saw martinez and his sister in a parked car and fired at him missing his sister by killing martinez. >> he was so full of life, going to school. he wasn't a bad kid. he wasn't that type of kid. >> martinez was a student. police say they do not know the identity of the shooter. quarantine is now in police at a senior housing facility after suspected out break of highly contagious virus. after more than 70 people became ill. quarantine at ages was lifted today because there was no new cases there. the virus is believed to be
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behind 17 illnesses. the virus causes flu like symptoms including vomiting and diarrhea. the mother of east bay student is coming forward against accusations. she says her son was physically and verbally abused on the field but nothing was ever done about it. it's a story you'll only see here, live at the high school in walnut creek where the alleged victim has since transferred. >> the stories about the love of baseball despite alleged abuse by a coach. the frustrations high school ballplayer continue here at his new school. >> some high baseball players worked out today with the a's club. one athlete who was not there will never wear a uniform again. >> he was head butted by the junior varsity system. >> he says he was physically and verbally abused by that coach. >> came forward and said, mom, i don't want this to happen to anyone else. we need to tell this story so
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that other kids aren't abused. >> she argues the school did not properly investigate the case. >> not once during the sophomore year did any coach after we reported the assault ever checked in with our son. >> reporter: district officials say by the time the allegations surfaced the coach in question had already moved in to another job. >> when the matter came to our attention, we got right on it. >> reporter: she's suffered from diagnosed posttraumatic stress disorder. because of high school sports rule he had to apply for a waiver to play this season, it was denied. >> i don't know exactly how many hardships i've had this year, it's over 100. somewhere in the neighborhood of 55% are approved and 45% denied. >> reporter: you look at every step of this process gone through with our son trusting the system, it does not protect the system. >> the police investigated the
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original incident because it happened during a game near last mass sas. this is the police report no charges were ever filed. ktvu channel 2 news. >> san francisco began issuing medical marijuana. the city's is permitting process had been on hold for several months following a state appeals court ruling. it found that regulating marijuana violated federal law. now the state supreme court agreed to hear an appeal which means the lower court ruling becomes invalidated. that means the city can resume its permit program as normal. san francisco supervisors are now considering legislation to restore local control over intelligence gathering by law enforcement. the aclu and coalition announced the proposal today. the ordinance required all local law enforcement officers involved an intelligence gather to be subject to local control, civilian oversight and state restrictions. he says the ordinance will
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reverse secret 2007 between san francisco police and the fbi. >> just want to make sure that we support counter terrorism efforts here in san francisco. we know how important it is to stability in this country. we want to respect local privacy laws that have valued and also here in the state of california value. >> he says the ordinance will help religious and ethnic profiling and harassment by law enforcement agents. tech workers has reached a new high. tech shock operator reports the average salary surpassed the $100,000 mark for the first time. tech salaries rose 5.2% last year reaching an average of $104,000. that out pay of -- tech workers earned nationwide and $81,000.80000 salary. financial information is out for presidential candidate. coming up we'll break down his income tax return and hear from
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bay area accountant on how romney taxes compare to the average american. some small businesses in san francisco may soon get a financial boost from the city. mayor announced that $1.5 million sum will be made available to revolving loan fund or loan businesses. it's for business expansion and job creation. he says that now it needs to be replenished because it has distributed all of its existing funds to 27 small businesses in the city. we need some immediate help because the very successful resol involving loan program that our office has been administering with working solutions for the last 2 years has been so successful we dried up on these funds. >> $1 million of the fund will come from the budget appropriation. rest will come from contributions from wells fargo, payments for current loan and stabilization fund. residents returned to their
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home after major rock slide in san francisco. we'll show you what they came home to plus. >> i said i found her, i found her. >> we talked to the man who said he helped police arrest a sexual assault suspect. storm coverage is coming up, but it's not about rain. we're going to show you the colorful effects here on earth generated by a powerful solar storm. weather in store for your wednesday. not before the chilly foggy weather returns. we'll have your bay area coming up. ao
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your workout gear... non-stop football... it's a man cave! the boys next door will never leave. who says we want them to? they're trying to determine what started a fire at a charles jr. restaurant. when they've rifed around 120:45 this morning flames and dark smoke were coming from the roof. one person who happened to be inside was a worker who was
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servicing the building. he had to be treated after inhaling chem katz. six employees were also inside but no customers. it started in the future's -- san francisco police say they made an arrest in a sexual assault. they talked to a man who said he helped police find both the victim and the suspect. >> reporter: before police found this scene of alleged assault officers had stepped up patrols looking for a missing girl in the area, a tourists separated from her tour group. she was reported missing after visiting the this 7/11 at 2:30 in the morning. >> she didn't speak that much english, but she spoke english enough where they could conniver sate. >> he saw a girl with the man matching the suspect description walking down the street and says he gave that information to police searching the area. >> on my way to starbucks i was
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walking past this way and i seen some bushes shaken. >> that's when perry says the man he had seen with the girl popped out of the bushes and started yelling at him. he says he ran across the street and called police. >> when they were pulling into the lot, i said i found her, i found her. >> reporter: the suspect was cuffed both he and the vick testimony were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries, a missing tourists who -- san francisco's mayor said it had the city's full attention. >> this horrible situation with many youth. >> police say 18-year-old christopher of southern california was arrested on charges of sexual assault. police did not give the exact age of the victim or the country of origin of her tour group. in san francisco ktvu channel 2 news. >> residents evacuated following a rock slide
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yesterday are being able to go back into their homes tonight. yesterday three units were yellow tagged at the park telegraphed after boulders came crashing down just a few feet from the complex. the car was crushed by the boulders. they surveyed the hill today and says the -- residents today said they were happy with the city's quick response. >> it's good to see the city so organized sending forces and estimators of where to block off the road so people are safe and estimating -- what levels to evacuate, the firemen came into our apartment. >> the residents of the evacuated units are being allowed to return are being advised to sleep in rooms that do not face the slope. business is booming at apple which just reported its highest quarterly earnings ever. apple posted record numbers ending december 312th. the company had revenues of $33.6 billion and net profit of 13.06 billion.
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apple's iphone, ipad and mac soared. sales of the ipod dropped. here are today's closing numbers, fell 33 points closing at 12,675. the nasdaq rose more than two points. republican presidential candidate mitt romney released his tax records. romney earned a bit over $21 million last year and paid a tax rate of just under 14%. ktvu spoke with the bay area certified public accountant to find out what other married couples might pay in taxes. >> that might be 25% if they make 69,000 or more. it goes to a top rate of about 35%. >> reporter: the obamas that reported 1.8 million in taxes paid 26%. the gingrich's who made 3.2 million paid about 31%. radiation is bombarding the earth right now part of strong solar storm. shows us some breathtaking
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pictures generated bethe event. >> astronomers are joining a large audience trying to see the effects of larger storm to bombard earth's atmosphere. scientists say this storm is series of events starting with a solar flair 2 days ago generating a radiation storm stimulating high energy bolstered by a so-called mass injection when the son spilled a long -- traveling 1 to 5 million miles per hour. it gives a better understanding of how our atmosphere interacts with the sun as well as insight into our universe. >> the sun is nearest start to us, we can study in detail how stars work and operate. enhancing, the famous northern lights. but all the charged particles can and have caused problems on earth, know ya the national
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oceanianic -- it's disrupting airline roots near the poles by interfering with high frequency communication. >> they've all had to go away, the storm is pounding satellites, disrupting activities that rely on precise technology. the storm and wide range of effects should start fading tomorrow. the government's proposing increase in the average fuel efficiency for new cars and trucks to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. outside the hearing, that is. bay area environmental labor and health groups voice their support for the move. they say the proposed standards will produce oil and green house gas emissions. today there were major car dealer group came out against the increase saying the cost of changes will make it harder for people to afford a new car.
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bay area nurse helped others for decades is now getting help in return. dozens showed up today to join a bone marrow registry for 6- year-old kathy. she's worked for 30 years and helped start the hospital's cardiac rehabilitation program. last year she was diagnosed with blood disorder that could be fatal without a bone marrow transplant. the hospital said it organized registry drive any of the thousands of other patients in need. denominations are in. we'll tell you who got the not for this year's academy award for best picture. drying out and warming up, meteorologist will let us know about a slight change in temperatures coming later this week. keep in mind you can watch bay area news at 7:00 and all our ktvu newscast on your computer or mobile device. we're streaming live at
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facebook gave users a ramp up that it's revamping their timeline feature. it let's users tell their story with photos and post. in a blog posting today they said all profile will be changed to timeline over the next few weeks. users will have seven days to preview the new system. they'll allow time -- that will
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give them time to hide items on their profile before anyone else can view it. high clouds over the bay area. you can see here on storm tracker we've got light winds. temperatures holding in the 50s. a few degrees warmer in most cases where we sat 24 hours ago, low 50s san francisco as well as oakland, areas ride around concord. you're looking at 53 in liver moore. south in san jose and low 50s in napa as well as santa rosa now. we'll continue to cool in the overnight hours. it's going to be a chilly start once again and possibility of fog will be with us. take a look at the satellite radar, ridge of high pressure, slowly building in. wasn't strong enough to keep the high clouds away. we're still dealing with those high clouds. you can see the storm track well to the north here. if the clouds continue in the overnight hours, that will actually hell -- actually help prevent a large widespread.
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if we do get a break, it won't take a whole lot for dense fog to form. we're going to leave in that for the forecast tomorrow morning. the possibility is still especially over the north bay, east bay valley locations now that the ridge of high pressure is really building in and it's sinking that air close tore the ground, patchy dense fog will be possibility. chilly start once again 30% expected, 40 lay out. 42 for hayward. 40 degrees redwood city. 41 san jose. by the afternoon mostly clear skies. we'll be warmer than where we were today expected wednesday and thursday with mostly sunny skies. take a look at what you can expect for your area. 66 for santa rosa tomorrow. 64 expected in berkeley. 64 in oakland. low 60s san francisco. if we head east, 65 expected there. relatively warm i should say. 65 in pleasant, 67 degrees in
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the forecast for santa cruise in the afternoon. the extended forecast now that we have dried out. we're going to remain that way. subtle changes in the forecast between now and the weekend. mid upper 60 z, thursday, friday, we begin to cool a little bit. a little bit cooler on sunday. we wake up with a chilly start. >> the aaward combination is out, and listing is getting the nods of few surprises. >> this year only 9 movies earned enough first place votes to score a nomination. they are hue grow, extremely
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loud and incredibly coast. the tree of life. and money ball which was partially filmed right here in oakland. and over to ktvu doyle you'll find it under the oscar nomination section. that's our report. thank you for trusting ktvu channel news -- channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news break. on ktvu channel 2. tmz is up next right here on tv36. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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